Architectural design


Дизайн офиса, кафе, магазина, дизайн интерьера, 3D дизайн-проект   House projects - development projects homes, multi-level houses, small architectural forms, structures based on a foundation, garages and outbuildings.

     Zoning - split and zoning on existing projects and drawings of BTI. Recommendations that will help make your home more comfortable, harmonious and bring positive energy into the house.

     Diagrams and drawings - the development of plans and designs required in the production of construction works. Help specialists and construction crews in compiling documentation.

    Estimates and contract - drafting estimates, contracts with clients and organizations of any form of property (cash and cashless payments, VAT). Construction License.

  •  Development of the concept
  • Obmerochny drawing room
  • Creating sheet finishing
  • Plan erected barriers
  • Plan floors and ceilings
  • Layout of plumbing
  • Drawing tile layouts

Design Studio


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